Using Facebook Live

To increase patient engagement and participation 

What is Facebook Live ? 

Welcome to Facebook Live  is a way to interact with your Facebook page members in real time.   Viewers of your live broadcast, often called a livestream, cam ask questions, comment on things you have said and provide reactions to how they think your live broadcast is going.  Using Facebook Live can help with patient participation and patient engagement.

About this toolkit

This toolkit it intended as a resource for anyone who is considering using Facebook Live to broadcast their healthcare event.  You should find all the information you need to be able to confidently use Facebook Live.  The aim of the toolkit is to help people involved in healthcare to increase patient participation and engagement.  Be sure to visit our Blog page in which you will find details of past Facebook Live events.  Each day we are learning more about Facebook Live so please check out our updates page - we will keep this updated with hints and tips on how to continually improve your Facebook livestreams.  We will add and keep updated a shopping list on our Updates page - the good news is that you can get started livestreaming your healthcare events straight away using your mobile phone and it will cost nothing.

How can I use Facebook Live in healthcare ?

We often provide events for our patients such as patient group meeting, events about particular health problems such as asthma or diabetes.  These event often take place in GP surgeries, hospital meeting rooms or function rooms.  Using Facebook live allows you to broadcast these event live to your Facebook group or page allowing you to reach a much wider audience

Reach a wider audience

Using Facebook Live will help you reach an audience that otherwise may not have attended your event.  It may be that someone is too shy or mobility issues prevent them from attending a public event in which they would like to d participate, it may be that someone is very busy and just cant take the time out to attend.  Facebook Live has an additional feature that allows us to do something called crosspost.  Crossposting allows us to broadcast our live event simultaneously to multiple Facebook pages allowing us to significantly increase attendance.