We have used Facebook Live now for a number of events, using the statistics provided by Facebook we know that iby providing an alternative way of attending events we can increase attendance.  We wanted to look more closely at what benefits using Facebook Live added to our events.  In readiness for our 2019 Patient Group Meeting we created a survey on Survey Monkey and sent out a link to the survey via a SMS text message.  We had over 700 responses to our survey - we will run through the results below.  We will also be sending out a questionnaire after Facebook cytology event on the 22nd of January 2020.  This will give us an opportunity to gauge peoples experiences after they have watched a Facebook Live event.  We will update this page once those results are available.

Overview of findings Pre- livestream

Looking at the results from our survey we feel that we perhaps have more to do to promote this method of delivering healthcare events to our patients.  There certainly appears to be an appetite amongst our patients to participate in healthcare events delivered by Facebook Live.  The responses show that there is a definite benefit in hosting a physical meeting alongside Facebook Live event thereby increasing attendance by patients from each preference group. It will be interesting to see the results of our 2020 patient survey - We will update this section of the toolkit when they are available.

Do you use Facebook

We wanted to find out how many of our patients used Facebook - of the 704 people who responded, 65% of them did.

Do you use Facebook.png
How often do you access Facebook

We were keen to understand the how often patients accessed Facebook - this would help us when we consider the amount of information we publish on Facebook - of the 438 patients who said they use Facebook over 50% of them access Facebook multiple times per day.

How often do you access Facebook.png
Have you ever watch a Facebook Live Event 

This was a really important question for us to ask our patients.  If our patients didn't know what a Facebook Live event was we, felt it would be important to provide information about Facebook Live, how it works and how patients can engage live during the event.  Our survey results showed that just over 40% of our patients had watched a Facebook Live event so this showed the importance of educating our patients about this method of social engagement.

Have you ever watched a Facebook Live Ev
How useful do you think Facebook Live could be in allowing people to participate in discussions and events about their healthcare?

If we are going to use Facebook Live as a tool to increase patient engagement and participation it is helpful to understand whether our patients feel it would work for them.  The responses we received show that patients may still be unsure as to how useful it may be.  This question however shouldn't be judged in isolation, as responses to a previous questions shows that around 50% of our patients who use Facebook have not viewed a Facebook Live event.  We would hope after we have repeated our patient survey next year we will see an increase in the amount of patients who find Facebook Live a useful way of engaging in their healthcare.

How useful do you think Facebook Live co
Would you consider watching a Facebook Live healthcare discussion or event?

It was great to see the responses to this question.  Over 60% of respondents (264 out of 440 respondents) said they would consider watching a Facebook Live event.  There is still some work to do to increase this figure and once again we would hope to see an increase in next years patient survey as we use Facebook Live for more events.   

Would you consider watching a Facebook L
Which type of healthcare event would you most likely view/attend

The responses to this question are really encouraging and would point to Facebook Live being a valuable tool for healthcare professionals to use in helping patients engage and participate.  When we talk with patients they often tell us they would like to get more involved, but just don't have the time.  Facebook Live allows patients to interact and participate wherever they are making attendance much more convenient.

An important note is that by excluding physical attendance or attendance via Facebook Live you are potentially reducing attendance by 50%.  A pragmatic approach would therefore be to hold physical events and also broadcast them via Facebook Live.

Which type of event are you most likely
Which type of healthcare event would you feel most comfortable participating in.

The responses to this question tell us something very similar to the previous question - patients are evenly split in their preference for how they would like to  attend a healthcare event. This again would point to the advantages hosting both a physical events and using Facebook Live to increase attendance but importantly, to increase participation and the readiness to ask questions.

In which type of event would you feel mo