Nursing home video consultation help

This page is to help you with the new equipment provided by the Chorley Central Primary Care Network.  We will keep updating this page with hints and tips so please keep checking.  We have used an existing website to host this page so please note the menu/page options do not relate to nursing homes and the equipment and how to use it.

Getting Started

Depending on availability you will have received

A Samsung Tablet

A digital stethoscope 

A mini speaker

A long audio cable

A pulse oximeter

A BP machine (to follow)

It's important that the tablet, stethoscope and mini speaker are kept fully charged.  The tablet and stethoscope have their own charge, the speaker only has a charger cable so please use a spare mobile phone charger and the supplied charger cable to keep this charged.

Connecting the tablet to wifi 

Your tablet has a mobile phone sim card fitted so this will hopefully help you carry out video consultations in parts of your building where a wifi signal is unavailable.  Not all of the sim cards will have been activated at the time we sent out your tablets but we hope by the beginning of April they will all be active. 

When you receive your tablet please connect it to your wifi, you can do this by:

Press the small button on the right hand side of the table to wake it up

Tap the setting icon on the home screen

Tap Connections

Tap wifi

You will see a list of wireless networks, tap yours and enter the wireless network password

Once connected you shouldn't need to do this again.

Using the digital stethoscope 
Charging  the digital stethoscope 

The diagram below shows the cable and charger you need plus where to connect everything to charge your digital stethoscope

Charging the digital stethoscope.JPG