Plan your event

How do I get started ? 

The good news is that if you are considering using Facebook Live for your healthcare event you are in the right place.  You will find everything here that you need to plan, promote, broadcast and evaluate your event in this toolkit.

Facebook group and pages

You can direct your Facebook livestream to a Facebook group or page.  To be able to livestream to a group or page you will first need to ensure you are set as an admin or editor  for the page or group.  You may need to ask the page admin to do this for you.

In many presentations and healthcare events the quality and clarity of sound is often overlooked.  It's very important to ensure you have good sound quality when using Facebook Live.  In a very small and intimate event for example a couple of people sat around a table the quality of sound reproduction from a mobile phone microphone would be fine.  For any larger event you will shouldconsider using dedicated microphones. 

Internet connection

You will need an internet connection if you are going to use Facebook Live.  The type of internet connection you use will depend on the device you will be using for your Facebook Live broadcast.  The types of internet connection you can use include Wi-fi, Ethernet cable, or 4G.  You can use 4G on your mobile phone or through a 4G Mi-fi device which contains a mobile sim card.  

It's a good idea to test the connection you will use before your event.  Facebook Live uses the upload part of your internet connection.  You want to check that this is at least 3 Mbps.

Responding to feedback

It's important for engagement that participants are able to interact with your event.  Facebook Live allows participants to comment on your event livestream as it happens.  Comments are  visible to all other livestream viewers.  You can respond "live" to a comment with your own comment or you could choose to respond live as part of your presentation.  You may want to assign someone the role of feedback monitoring and ask to them to pass on feedback to those who are presenting so they can respond.  A good tip is at the beginning of your livestream is to say that if you do not discuss a comment during the livestream you will respond to the comment with a reply within 24 hours.