Working together

On Wednesday the 22nd of January a collaboration consisting of the Chorley Central Primary Care Network, Bay Medical Group, 3 CCG's and NHS - Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria, NHS England and our local immunisation and screening team worked together to livestream an event about Cervical Screening. The event was crossposted live accross each of our Facebook pages. The event went really well and the move to a better quality image paid off. Once again the boundary microphone (please see our shopping list for more information) worked brilliantly picking up a clear sound complimented by bell ringing practice at St Mary's Church in Chorley!

We are getting more familiar and confident in the kit we are using which means our focus is now turning to the events we can livestream and how we can work with other organisations to use the power of Facebook to deliver healhtcare information and allow patients to participate and engage in their healthcare.

This was a real team effort and an unexpected benefit of crossposting is that we have built strong relationships with all the people involved. At the event a member of the breast screening service attended, we are pleased to have agreed our next project - a crossposted livesttream about breast screening.

You can watch the livestream here

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