Setup Guides

How do I setup the equipment?

On this page we will run through a number of suggested kit setups.  They will vary in complexity from using your mobile phone to a setup with multiple cameras and using different types of microphones and using crossposting

Using your mobile phone

This is by far the easiest way to broadcast your event on Facebook Live, you already have what you need in your pocket, although you may want to consider buying a tripod phone mount so that you can keep a steady picture (and save aching arms).

Using a laptop with external webcam

This is another relatively straight forward way of doing things, and a method I would urge you all to try.  You will just need to plug in an external webcam into the USB socket on your laptop.  A good tip is to buy a 5 metre USB extension cable and a webcam with a tripod mount.


The video below show how to set the livestream up.

Using OBS Studio and external specialist microphones  

This is the most complex of the 3 suggested setups  but the videos below should talk you through everything you need to know.  Using this setup allows us to take greater control over our audio and video, the addition of a mixing desk allows us to include multiple microphones for example a microphone for the person presenting and a microphone to capture audience questions and feedback.

The four components you will need for this are:

Software - we suggest using OBS Studio.  OBS Studio is open source which means you can download it and use it for free.  You can download OBS Studio by going to the OBS website which is here

An audio mixing desk - We use the Behringer 802 mixing desk which you can buy from Amazon for around £40

A video camera - We have had some great results from the Logitec, C920 which can be bough from Amazon for around £50

Microphones - Using a mixing desks provides greater flexibility for the amount and type of microphones you can use you can find out more information about which type of microphones to use viewing our equipment page.

To help with setting up all this equipment we have created a setup diagram which you can download by clicking the button bellow.

Now that you have everything connected you will need to load up OBS Studio.  The video below shows you how to configure you microphones and camera in OBS Studio.

The setting you need to add as referred to in the video is keyint=60

Now that you have setup your camera and microphones in OBS Studio you are ready to livestream your event -  the video below shows you how do this. 


Crossposting allows us to broadcast our Facebook Live event to multiple Facebook pages simultaneously.  Before your event you will need to setup a crossposting relationship with the Facebook page you wisht to livestream to.  Once you have created a crossposting relationship it is just a matter of selecting the additional pages you wish to crosspost to.  A restriction of Facebook Live is that you must use the Facebbook Live API which means you will need to use OBS studio or a similar product to do this. Please take a look at the section above for more information

Setting up a crossposting relationship
Setting up your crossposting livestream